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Helping Individuals and Small Businesses


Residential Real Estate

First time homebuyer? We take care to explain all costs up front, so that you are prepared for the closing day. Even if you are a seasoned buyer or seller, we provide personal attention to each file and keep you informed throughout the process.

Wills & Estates

We can help you with your wills and powers of attorney. We include a brainstorming session to assist you with determining how you would like your estate to be distributed.

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If you and your partner require a simple agreement, we draft cohabitation and separation agreements, and also provide independent legal advice (ILA) for these agreements when drafted by your partner's lawyer.

Small Business Services

We can incorporate your small business, update your minute book and draft internal and external contracts.

Transparent fee structure

We charge a flat fee, not an hourly rate. Having many years of experience in the legal industry, we can minimize the unknowns and provide service for a reasonable price. You have come to us for help, so you should at least know how much it is going to cost you.